We are immensely proud of our 70 year heritage, and

have no intentions of slowing down. A historic brand

doesn't reflect upon a bygone era, but instead

serves as proof, of a commitment to deliver

the same level of excellence as our

founder did when it all began...


Humble Beginnings

Our founder, Choot Ching Khoon, at the tender age of eleven,

desperate to escape his war torn home of Hainan, found himself

traversing the high seas to end up here in the bustling entrepôt that

is Penang. Years of hardship and labour did not stop this boy's ambition, and he eventually found himself running a coffee factory all by his lonesome.

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Going the Extra Mile

Getting on a $10 bicycle (that hangs proudly in our factory),

Choot would cycle around the island servicing customers,

all after a laborious morning of roasting coffee to perfection.

And it's that grit that helped solidify the cornerstone in which

Koon Kee was built upon, a spirit of excellence.

Solidifying  the  cornerstone  in  which  Koon  Kee

was built upon, a spirit of excellence.

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A Spirit of Excellence

We intentionally spend on nothing but the best raw materials, a

reflection of the high standards our founder hold us accountable for.

As each of our offerings have been carefully curated, building

upon feedback received from our most important stakeholder, you.


We Care

And if you ever wondered why the unique packaging?

It's because we unanimously decided to ditch the plastic

in favour of unbleached paper. Our way of saying to

the environment "We care."

Tailored  to  meet  the  needs  of  our most important stakeholder, you.


Here to Stay

Striving to keep that same spirit alive, we rebranded ourselves

under our trade name "Koon Kee", as a salute to our heritage,

whilst we usher in a new era. Bringing forth the essence of

excellence far beyond the borders of Penang.


The Human Touch

While advancements have been made, the

fundamentals remain the same. Our maestros

and their protégés still conduct the first (roasting)

and last (packing) steps of the process,

ensuring timeless excellence.

The  fundamentals  remain  the  same,

ensuring timeless excellence.


Unity Across Borders

Today, we work closely with hand-picked distributors

across the world, people who are just as passionate in

sharing the same values as we do. From Singapore to

China, and as far as New York City, expect each cup to

deliver the exact same quality you've come to expect.


What to Expect

The next time you bring home a pack of Koon Kee, you're not

just brewing up a solid cup of coffee, you're paying homage

to the timeless spirit of excellence that goes into each cup.

An ode to that little boy's dream, the fruits of his enduring passion,

and the best damn thing that you can ever ask for delivered to you,

time and time again…