Traditional Kopi-O (Coffee Beans)

Traditional Kopi-O (Coffee Beans)


Aromatic, woodfire roasted, caramelized and a labour of love.


Words commonly used to describe food, yet perfectly encapsulate what you’d find in a cup of Kopi-O.


The same amount of care and attention to detail a Michelin star chef would put into their dish, our founder put into developing this classic recipe almost 70 years ago.

  • Product Info

    • 400g of coffee beans
    • Not water soluble
  • Application

    • Recommended ratio is 1:9 ( 1 part coffee to 9 parts water )
    • Steep for no more than 4 minutes and consume immediately
    • Purists use a cloth filter, we recommend using a French Press
    • Optional: Add 10g of sugar per serving to truly bring out the flavour