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As the lever is pulled, a rush of billowing smoke fills the space. Your eyes still can't see, but you are suddenly hit by a distinctive bittersweet aroma. And as you take a moment to readjust, you hear the sound of scraping and slushing, back and forth, as you feel the temperature in the room begin to rise. When the smoke finally clears, behold before your very eyes, a freshly roasted batch of Kopi-O, made in the exact same way, in the exact same place, as it was in 1950, over 70 years ago.


The proprietary method our founder adopted when he first established the factory, is the same method we adhere to today. Ensuring that each batch meets the high standards in which our founder holds us accountable for.

It begins with imported Sumatran Robusta, which is first screened to ensure they meet our strict standards, and then loaded into a woodfire-powered roaster to begin the labour intensive process.

Simultaneously, sugar is being caramelised in another roaster, and when the coffee is done, it is added into the mix. Don't panic! The sugar acts as a caramelizing agent, giving the coffee a full body by balancing out its natural acidity.

A proprietary blend of spices is added to the mix, along with margarine to act as a binding agent, and voila! The recipe that gives this coffee its revered taste is complete. But we're only at the halfway point.

The most vital part of the process is the cooling process, ensuring every batch is roasted to perfection. The roasted coffee is immediately poured out onto massive steel trays for rapid cooling, assisted by some fans, but more importantly constantly stirred by hand to ensure an even cooling process, thus preventing clumps and ensuring consistency throughout.

When at room temperature, the coffee is then ground, packed and shipped out the very same day! Unlike modern roasting processes that require resting time, this traditional process is ready for consumption right out the door, a by-product of the ingredients that go into the recipe.


Full bodied, with hints of toasted nuts and a citrusy tang at the end. A good balance between a smooth body and strong aromas, not for the faint of heart.


Purists use a cloth filter, but a French Press can achieve just as good results. Our recommended ratio is 1:9, 1 part coffee to 9 parts water, as this is best enjoyed strong, not diluted. Steep for no more than 4 minutes and consume immediately. For an authentic experience, add 10g of sugar per serving to truly bring out the flavour.

This here is the quintessential gateway to the most authentic experience from the comfort of your own home. Any more and you'd have to visit our factory in Penang yourself!

If you're keen to dive in and get yourself a pack click here.

Alternatively, read more about us here.

Timeless excellence awaits.


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