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"Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" and much like me, you're probably gonna be singing that song all day long. But in all seriousness, the million dollar question: "Sugar, how bad is it?"


We've come a long way since coffee was first discovered, and since then technology has come a long way too. Supply chains are more transparent, and consumers more health conscious too. Thus we can no doubt see the shift away from coffee laden with sugar.

But let's cast our mind back to a time where industrialisation was rampant, where coffee was a mere commodity and where no morning could start without it. In other words, when Koon Kee was founded.

With manual labour still the norm and purchasing power meagre, the masses relied on that solid black booster juice that'll get them through the day. But as demand rose, supply did not. And as such, roasters had to be creative in figuring out a way to deliver a consistent cup of coffee every time.

And that is how we came up with our proprietary recipe that's been our cornerstone since the '50s. An integral part of our method being the sugar that was added with the intention of balancing out the overpowering flavours that came with the dark roasted coffee of that time.

By the time it's served to you at a coffee shop, it's probably been mixed with a healthy portion of condensed milk or for the purists just a teaspoon of sugar. Both of which serve to compliment the natural acidity of coffee, making it perfect alongside your toast and eggs.


A perfectly logical line can be drawn between economic prosperity and the reduction in sugar consumption, which brings us to the coffee climate we find ourselves in today.

As we the consumers are able to afford more, we naturally demand a greater variety of options, which in turn expands our palate. As we explore higher quality ingredients, our expectations begin to improve and change. And as we continue to evolve, so do the businesses in which we deal with.

70 years ago coffee beans in Malaysia only came from Indonesia. Today they come as far as Honduras and El Salvador, arrive fresher and faster than they did if they came from Sumatra. Paired with the increased appreciation of coffee with the growth of both international coffee chains and artisanal small coffee shops alike, coffee has never been more prevalent in our lives.


With the continued rise in the number of connoisseurs out there, coffee roasters have also continued to raise their standards or risk falling behind. And here at Koon Kee, we're no different.

We've taken the time to invest in modern practices, and to train our roasters with new skills, whilst they continue to uphold the high standards our founder holds each of us accountable to.

And this is perfectly embodied in our Original flavour series. You can choose to enjoy Koon Kee Coffee the way it has and will continue to be made 70 years later with the Original. Or you can instead opt for our most popular Sugar Free variant, that truly allows for the Sumatran Arabica to shine through a bright and flavourful cup of coffee.

Either way we've made extra sure to tailor the recipe to suit every occasion, never once compromising on quality, thus earning the continued respect and patronage across the board.

If you'd like to read more you can do so here.

Or if you're keen to dive in and explore our full range instead click here.

Timeless excellence awaits.


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