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"Boss! Teh tarik satu! Kurang manis!" you quasi-scream at the man behind the counter, knowing full well even though you ordered less sugar, it's still going to come out far too sweet for your taste. But that's never stopped anyone from sipping on that guilty concoction down to its last drop. Paired with a couple of friends at the table, and you have yourself the perfect setting to, even if for a brief moment, know that life is good.


Is it the unmistakable aroma that fills your senses before it's even reached your table? Is it the enticingly thick layer of foam worn like a crown on the cup? Or is it simply the familiar feeling of warmth that it gives you deep down? Probably all of the above and more.

There's no definitive recipe out there, but everyone is in agreement, black tea and condensed milk are non-negotiable ingredients. How the final brew is put together is entirely up to the maestro behind the stainless steel jugs, as he masterfully practices the art of 'pulling' the tea. Over and over again, every day and every night, until they can quite literally do it with their eyes closed, and not spill a single drop.


Isn't it just pouring the tea back and forth a couple times and you're done? If only it was that simple. Too frequent and you risk losing heat. Too slow and you risk losing aeration. And though they make it seem absolutely seamless, every pour has been meticulously perfected to ensure maximum flavour extraction. Of course, we're referring to the top echelon of the craft and not just any Tom, Dick and Harry.

So why bother pulling the tea? During it's inception, teh tarik was pulled back and forth to cool down the otherwise boiling beverage, so that when it's served its ready for consumption. Over time however, vendors began to notice something unique about the process, similar to that of fine wine, the process of aeration manages to enhance aromas that would otherwise be buried and helps create a homogenous beverage that's smooth going down. And as a bonus, that all important layer of foam, that's honestly more form than function, yet an integral part of the experience as a whole.


You're absolutely right about that. But our mission has always been to champion the preservation of both culture and legacy. And that includes developing innovative ways to introduce these amazing experiences to the masses whilst maintaining what our predecessors have established.

Through the same technology we've developed for our white coffee, we've adapted for our Traditional Milk Tea series. And what we've managed to achieve, is to capture the essence of what a good cup of teh tarik means, and deliver that experience in a way where it can be enjoyed any time, every time.

For a truly authentic experience, start here. Then go ahead and have a little fun emulating the 'tarik' (pulling) process, and before you know it you'll be better than Mr. Teh Tarik himself!

Ps. Clean-up services not included.

If you'd like to read more you can do so here.

Timeless excellence awaits.


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