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You've yet to see it with your eyes but you're already struck by that unmistakable smell. With each step you take, the alluring scent draws you in closer, yet as you look around you still can't seem to find where the vendor is. A few more steps and you start to hear the murmur of the crowd, as though there was some sort of commotion going on up ahead. Pressing on you turn the corner and navigate the sea of people to see what's up in front. Behold, nothing more than pieces of plywood hastily nailed to form a table, flanked by an army of plastic chairs. Yet you breathe a breath of relief, as you lay eyes on the mecca in which you sought, the coveted durian stall.


Unlike coffee that's farmed across the globe, there is nothing that compares to the delicacy that is the durian. Whereas most fruit are farmed and shipped across the globe, the inverse is true for the durian, where the people are the ones being shipped across the globe here to enjoy this fruit.

Like any fruit, there are countless varietals to the durian. But all of them share that unmistakable aroma, that creamy texture unlike no other as well as that craving the mere thought of it can incite. And steadily throughout the past few decades, the humble durian has elevated their status from local's delight to international acclaim!

The durian may well be exotic, but that doesn't detract from the fact that it is so highly sought after. So much so that one was sold at a charitable auction for an all time high of US$48,000!


When done right and the stars align, each tree takes on average 6 to 8 years to mature. Once harvested, the fruit has a shelf life of 3 days before it goes bad, and so it becomes a mad scramble to have it transported to you. Some farmers have the resources to freeze them on site, allowing it to last longer, but as always, cold chain logistics comes at a price. The rest is a simple matter of economics, increased demand and low supply, and so the price skyrockets.

Top tier durian fruit can only be found in three Southeast Asian countries due to its need for tropical temperatures, consistent rainfall and intense humidity. And while more resilient fruits have been genetically engineered to survive global transit, it comes at the cost of flavour. Which is why the Malaysian peninsular remains one of the most popular destinations for proper durian.


Durian has always been more of a treat than a staple, and is even offered up as gifts to royalty! But thankfully, the rise in popularity has led to it being much more accessible for everyone. And through thoughtful experimentation, Koon Kee has managed to recreate and incorporate the mouth-watering aromas of the durian into our timeless formula. Delivering the irresistible sensations through a smooth and well-balanced cup of coffee, that is bound to leave any durian lover begging for more!

So rest easy knowing that even though durian season may come to an end, Koon Kee's Durian Coffee will deliver that same great sensation any time, every time

If you're keen to dive in and get yourself a pack click here.

Alternatively, read more about us here.

Timeless excellence awaits.


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